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We H.E.A.L The Community

Health | Educating | Agriculture | Leadership

We are a community based organization in one of the four slums in Nairobi where we advocate for mental health awareness and engages the community in pulling resources back to the community.

What We Do

We are focused on health services linkages referrals, designing and taking part in programs on health or related to health like family planning, SRHR, facilitations, distribution of sanitary towels, mobilization, and creating awareness in the community.

The Best Out Of Great Minds

We develop skills to youths, and women and enable them become self reliance and enhance self esteem.Our stake holders being teenage mothers, adolescents youths, parents that is all members of the community. ATIS is focused to develop skills to young people and women to enable them become self reliance enhance their self esteem and help them to be a to deliver in community services and development


Donate a pad

Improve a girl's hygene and dignity while they stay in school having a smile and boost their self esteem.